How to evolve your magazine’s brand

by Thursday, April 21, 2016

Most of us have looked back on photos taken five to 10 years ago and thought, “What was I thinking?!?” Maybe it was our fashion choices, maybe it was a particular trendy haircut that isn’t so trendy anymore. We soon realize that what looked good and was considered in style then definitely wouldn’t fly now.

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Intently disconnected: Seven reflections on my time away from Facebook

by Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This past January, I hit a wall. My mother and I weren’t getting along (for the first time in my entire life), I was struggling after my divorce to find my new path and forge ahead. I wasn’t sure what my future held, and I was lost. My immediate reaction — when I felt the walls closing in — was to cut out the distraction, drama, and influence that social media brought to my life. I disconnected my account on New Year’s Day, and until a couple of days ago, never looked back. It wasn’t until this week, when a colleague experienced the tragic event of her young daughter’s death, that I realized that life is too short and precious to not share — and participate — in the lives of those we care about.

6 manageable ways to automate, simplify, and get organized at work

by Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Others poke fun at for my incessant organization, color-coding, and worksheet-making obsessions. I have a tendency to assign a color, number, or ranking to any given task or deadline. And while others could find it a little neurotic, I find comfort in the self-made worksheets and rainbow of colors. They’re a physical resemblance of my plan and provide a clear understanding of where I’m headed (and how many boxes I have to check to get where I’m going).